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As the ResidenSea logo states, one “can travel the world without leaving home”-ResidenSea offers a new concept in cruising: purchasing your floating home onboard a state-of-the-art vessel traveling around the world. Touted as the first ocean-going luxury resort, The World provides 110 spacious, fully furnished residences and 88 guest suites. For rental guests, stays are booked at daily fares.

The World 390 p (max 976) Bahamas Registry

5200 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 790
Miami, FL 33126
Tel: 1-800-970-6601
PageRank: 5/10
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Royal Caribbean International is operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, which also operates Celebrity Cruises and Royal Celebrity Tours. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded by three Norwegian shipping companies in 1969-Anders Wilhemsen & Co., I.M. Skaugen & Co., and later Gotaas Larsen and a year later its first ship, Song of Norway, entered service. By 1986, several ships had been added to the fleet and the company had created its own exclusive destination resort Labadee on Hispaniola.

In 1988 Royal Caribbean and Admiral Cruises merged. Anders Wilhemsen & Co. bought out its original partners and gained full ownership of Royal Caribbean. Subsequently Wilhelmsen entered into a joint ownership agreement with an entity of the Pritzker family (owner of the Hyatt hotel chain) and the Ofer family who own a major shipping company. As the company grew, adding six more ships to its fleet of four ships over the next five years, it went public, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RCL in 1993. Four years and five more ships later, the company changed its name to Royal Caribbean International in 1997 to reflect its growing global itineraries. In the same year, Celebrity Cruises merged with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. where it operates as a separate brand. By late 2004, RCI’s vessels numbered 18. The company currently is building what will be the world's largest cruise ship, the new ultraVoyager class Freedom of the Seas, with the option for a second build in this category.


Adventure of the Seas 3,114 p Bahamas Registry

Brilliance of the Seas** 2,100 p Bahamas Registry

Empress of the Seas 2,020 p Bahamas Registry

Enchantment of the Seas* 1,950 p Bahamas Registry

Explorer of the Seas 3,114 p Bahamas Registry

Grandeur of the Seas 1,950 p Bahamas Registry

Jewel of the Seas 2,501 p Bahamas Registry

Legend of the Seas 1,800 p Bahamas Registry

Majesty of the Seas* 2,350 p Bahamas Registry

Mariner of the Seas 3,114 p Bahamas Registry

Monarch of the Seas 2,350 p Bahamas Registry

Navigator of the Seas 3,114 p Bahamas Registry

Radiance of the Seas 2,100 p Bahamas Registry

Rhapsody of the Seas* 2,000 p Bahamas Registry

Sovereign of the Seas* 2,250 p Bahamas Registry

Splendour of the Seas* 1,800 p Bahamas Registry

Vision of the Seas 2,000 p Bahamas Registry

Voyager of the Seas 3,114 p Bahamas Registry

*Transfer to Bahamas Registry from Norway Registry takes place in early 2005.
** Brilliance of the Seas is operated by RCL (UK) Ltd., a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.


1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida 33132
Tel: 1-305-379-2601
Fax: 1-305-536-0140
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Royal Olympic Cruises operates cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean. The company was formed in 1995 when the Greek owned cruise line Sun Line Cruises merged with its Greek rival, the Epirotiki Line. In 1997, ROC began the process of building two new vessels with a new monohull design that would allow the vessels a cruising speed of 27 knots (the Olympic Voyager and the Olympic Explorer), which made their debut in 2000 and 2002 respectively. In 2002 the company changed its name to Royal Olympia Cruises. Financial difficulties forced the company into the process of restructuring its operations. In the process, It has relinquished three ships: the Olympia Countess; and in 2004, the Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer were sold to the KfW Bank in March 2004.

Triton 676 p Greek Registry

Odysseus 448 p Greek Registry

World Renaissance 474 p Greek Registry

Akti Miaouli 87
18538 Piraeus, Greece
TEL. (30) 210-429-1000
FAX (30) 210-429-08
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Saga Cruises is a subsidiary of Saga Holidays, a travel agency that specializes in vacations exclusively for people aged 50 and over (a traveling companion or family member may be aged 40 or over). In 1996 Saga bought its first cruise ship the Saga Rose, quite literally the flagship of the Saga Group. Seven years later the Saga Pearl complements the existing program currently offered by Saga Rose. In 2005 a third ship, the newly refurbished Saga Ruby (the former Caronia) will join the fleet.

The cruises are only available directly through Saga and not through travel agents. All of Saga’s cruising holidays include insurance and cancellation cover.

Saga Rose 587 p Bahamas Registry

Saga Pearl* 352 p Bahamas Registry

Saga Ruby 655 p

Freepost, Folkestone, Kent
CT20 3SE United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 056-5880
Fax: 040-3001-4601
PageRank: 3/10
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Seabourn cruises was Founded in 1987 by Norwegian industrialist Atle Brynstead, who wanted to create nothing less than a totally new concept of cruising with absolute dedication to the highest level of personal service found in top-of-the-line hotels and restaurants on land. In March 1998, Carnival Corporation and a group of Norwegian investors acquired Cunard Line and merged it with Seabourn Cruise Line with the goal of retaining the two lines as separate brands. While Seabourn currently still shares services with Cunard where cost efficiencies dictate,Seabourn Cruise Line now operates as an independent unit of Carnival Corporation with its own executive team responsible for the line’s initiatives and results.

Seabourn Spirit 208 p Bahamas Registry

Seabourn Legend 208 p Bahamas Registry

Seabourn Pride 208 p Bahamas Registry

6100 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33126
US Tel: 1-800-929-9391
Fax: 1-305-463-3070

UK Contact :

UK Tel: 0845-070-0500
0800-052-3841 (For Europe, Middle East, Africa)
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The German-based company operates two sailing yachts, which offer cruises in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Sea Cloud 68 p Malta Registry

Sea Cloud II 94 p Malta Registry


32-40 North Dean Street
Englewood, New Jersey 07631
Tel: 1-201-227-9404
Fax: 1-201-227-9424

Germany Office address:
Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH

Ballindamm 17
20095 Hamburg
Phone: + 040-309592-0
Fax: + 040-309592-22
PageRank: 5/10
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SeaDream Yacht Club is the innovative new yachting venture by Norwegian entrepreneur Atle Brynestad who founded the highly acclaimed Seabourn Cruise Line and Larry Pimentel, who was President of Seabourn under Brynestad and later President and CEO of the merged companies Cunard-Seabourn. The key word for the SeaDream yachting experience is "unstructured." Although the SeaDream yachts depart their first port and arrive at their last port as scheduled, arrivals and departures at intermediate ports are not necessarily cast in stone. Captains have the authority to adjust for local opportunities such as making an unscheduled call at a small port to visit a local fish market or to remain longer in a secluded bay so guests can enjoy a few more hours of water sports Formerly the Sea Goddess twins, both SeaDream I and II were redesigned and refitted this year and are offering cruises in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


- SeaDream I 110 p Bahamas Registry

- SeaDream II 110 p Bahamas Registry

2601 South Bayshore Drive
Penthouse 1B
Coconut Grove, Florida 33133
Tel: 1-305-631-6100
1 800 707-4911 Reservations
Fax: (305) 856-7599
Europe Office
Tel: 47 23 28 96 60
PageRank: 5/10
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Silversea Cruises was created in the early 1990s by the Lefebvre family in Rome, former owners of Sitmar Cruises. The venture was conceived and organized as a unique cruise company that would build and operate the highest quality ships in the ultra-luxury segment of the cruise industry. John Bland, former president of Sitmar, was appointed as Silversea's founding president. In the ensuing years and four ships later, the line has received consistently high marks for its ultra-deluxe cruising services. Recently, Silversea paired with the exclusive international boutique hotel association, Relais & Chateaux to create special onboard culinary programs and unique pre- and post-cruise land programs in conjunction with Relais & Chateaux properties the world over.

Silver Cloud 296 p Bahamas Registry

Silver Shadow 382 p Bahamas Registry

Silver Whisper 282 p Bahamas Registry

Silver Wind 296 p Bahamas Registry


110 East Broward Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Tel: 1-954-522-4477
Fax: 1-954-522-4499

UK Office

77/79 Great Eastern Street
London, UK EC2A 3HU
Tel: 44-(0)-870-333-7050 (Inquiries)
44.870-333-7030 (Reservations)
Fax: 44 870-333-7060
PageRank: 6/10
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Star Clippers was founded by Swedish shipping entrepreneur Mikael Krafft in 1991. Replicas of the old clippers used in sea trading in the 19th century before steam-driven vessels made their debut, the line’s three sailing clippers equipped with auxiliary power are a hundred feet longer than their predecessors and offer state of-art technology and modern cruising embellishments. The company operates cruises in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Star Clipper 170 p Luxembourg Registry

Star Flyer 170 p Luxembourg Registry

Royal Clipper 227 p Luxembourg Registry


200 NW 19th Street
Suite 2206
Miami, Florida 33126
Tel: 1-305-442-0550
Fax: 1-305-442-1611

Monaco Office address:

Ermanno Palace
27, Boulevard Albert 1er,
98000 Monaco
Phone: (377)-97-97-84-00
Fax: (377)-97-97-84-01
PageRank: 5/10
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Star Cruises, the major cruise line in Asia-Pacific was incorporated in September 1993, representing a bold initiative to tap Asia-Pacific's potential as an international cruise destination. Following the acquisition of NCL Holdings (NCL Holdings includes NCL, NCL America, and Orient Lines.) in early 2000, Star Cruises is now the third largest cruise line in the world presently operating a combined fleet of 18 ships with over 23,000 lower berths. Star Cruises operates cruises on eight ships in the Asia-Pacific region with Singapore, Port Klang (Malaysia), Hong Kong and Keelung as ports of embarkation.

SuperStar Aries 678 p Bahamas Registry

Star Pisces 2000 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Leo 1,960 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Gemini 788 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Virgo 1,960 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Aries 678 p Bahamas Registry

SuperStar Capricorn 870 p Panama Registry

Norwegian Star I 870 p Bahamas Registry

MegaStar Taurus 64 p Panama Registry

MegaStar Aries 72 p Panama Registry

Wasa Queen 866 p Panama Registry (Wasa Queen is a cruise ferry operating in Singapore and international waters.)


1 Shenton Way 01-02
Singapore 068803
Tel: 65-226-1168
Fax: 65-220-6993

US Office address:

Norwegian Cruise Line
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Florida 33126
Tel: 1-800-327-7030
Tel: (1) 305 436 4694
Fax: (1) 305 436 4112
PageRank: 6/10
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