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Travel Dynamics, formerly known as Classical Cruises, was founded more than three decades ago and offers educational and cultural cruises to various parts of the world. It offers a unique rewards program called the Odysseus Circle, which requires no registration fee. Any traveler on trips operated by Travel Dynamics International since January 1, 2004 is eligible for this rewards program, and only needs to call Travel Dynamics in order to register for it. Travelers earn nautical miles based upon the exact number of miles cruised on a travel program and can then redeem these miles for discounts on their next Travel Dynamics trip.


Callisto 34 p Greece Registry

Corinthian II 114 p Malta Registry

Orion 106 p Bahamas Registry


132 East 70 Street
New York, New York 10021
Tel: 1-212-517-7555
Fax: 1-203-655-6623
Fax: 1-212-774-1545
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Aida Cruises is owned by Seetours, a subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, which, in turn is owned by Carnival & Plc. The cruises are geared for the German-speaking trade.

AIDAcara 1,186 p UK

Aida Blu 1,596p UK

AIDAvita 1,582p UK

AIDAura 1,582p UK

Am Seehafen 1
Siemenstrasse 90
63203 New Isenberg
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A’Rosa Cruises is part of Seetours, which, in turn is owned by POPrincess Cruises, now part of Carnival Corporation & Plc. The cruises are aimed at the German-speaking trade.

Ship: A’ROSA Blu 1,596 UK

Am Seehafen 1
Siementrasse 90
63203 New Isenberg
Tel: 018039-27672
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Cunard Line dates back to 1840, when its founder Samuel Cunard began steam-powered crossings of the Atlantic. In succeeding decades, the company built and operated a high impressive fleet of ocean liners. But with the growing popularity of the jet age in the 1960s, the company adjusted by converting some of their ships to modern cruising. In 1969, the line’s flagship Queen Elizabeth 2 made her debut and continued to cross the Atlantic on a regular basis. (The ocean liner has under gone several multimillion dollar refurbishments, the most recent in 1999. Originally powered by steam turbines, in 1986 she was refit with a diesel-electric propulsion system for greater speed and efficiency.)

In 1971 Trafalgar House, based in London, acquired Cunard. In the 1980s Cunard acquired two more cruise ships and added the twin Sea Goddesses I and II to it fleet. In 1994, Cunard acquired the Royal Viking Sun.

In 1996, Norwegian company Kvaerner ASA took over Trafalgar House and Cunard underwent massive changes again. In 1998 Kvaerner sold the Cunard Cruise Line to Carnival Corporation and a group of Norwegian investors, who then merged it with the Yachts of Seabourn. A year later the Royal Viking Sun and the two Goddesses were transferred to Seabourn and renamed, leaving only the QE2 and the Vistafjord, which was renamed the Caronia after Cunard’s original ship that sailed in the 1950’s and 1960’s and which introduced World Cruises.

Maintaining the legacy of her Cunard and White Star Line predecessors, the QE2 is an authentic ocean liner and is the fastest ship afloat with a speed of nearly 30 knots. She will bequeath regular transatlantic crossings to sister ship, the Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner. After a refurbishment, the QE2 now operates regional cruises from the UK. However, she will continue to operate her annual Round the World Cruise.

The 150,000-ton QM 2 is the first transatlantic liner to be built in more than 30 years, and will operate regular transatlantic crossings in addition to regional cruises in Europe and the Caribbean. A third ship—the 90,000-ton Queen Victoria—is currently on the drafting board and is expected to debut in 2007.

Queen Elizabeth 2 1,791 p UK Registry

Queen Mary 2 2,620 p UK Registry

Caronia* 665 p UK Registry

Queen Victoria** 2,000 p UK Registry

*Scheduled to leave Cunard in November 2004, the ship will sail for Saga Cruises under the name Saga Ruby.
**Scheduled to debut in 2007.

24303 Town Center Drive
Suite 200
Valencia, California 91355-0908

UK Office address:

Cunard Line Ltd
Mountbatten House
Grosvenor Square
Southampton S015 2BF
Fax (011-44-0238) 022-5843
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Phoenix Seereisen operates cruises for the German-speaking trade.

Maxim Gorky 650 p Bahamas Registry

Alabatross 827 p Bahamas Registry

Alexander von Humbolt


Kolmstrasse 50
53111 Bonn
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Saga Cruises is a subsidiary of Saga Holidays, a travel agency that specializes in vacations exclusively for people aged 50 and over (a traveling companion or family member may be aged 40 or over). In 1996 Saga bought its first cruise ship the Saga Rose, quite literally the flagship of the Saga Group. Seven years later the Saga Pearl complements the existing program currently offered by Saga Rose. In 2005 a third ship, the newly refurbished Saga Ruby (the former Caronia) will join the fleet.

The cruises are only available directly through Saga and not through travel agents. All of Saga’s cruising holidays include insurance and cancellation cover.

Saga Rose 587 p Bahamas Registry

Saga Pearl* 352 p Bahamas Registry

Saga Ruby 655 p

Freepost, Folkestone, Kent
CT20 3SE United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 056-5880
Fax: 040-3001-4601
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Seabourn cruises was Founded in 1987 by Norwegian industrialist Atle Brynstead, who wanted to create nothing less than a totally new concept of cruising with absolute dedication to the highest level of personal service found in top-of-the-line hotels and restaurants on land. In March 1998, Carnival Corporation and a group of Norwegian investors acquired Cunard Line and merged it with Seabourn Cruise Line with the goal of retaining the two lines as separate brands. While Seabourn currently still shares services with Cunard where cost efficiencies dictate,Seabourn Cruise Line now operates as an independent unit of Carnival Corporation with its own executive team responsible for the line’s initiatives and results.

Seabourn Spirit 208 p Bahamas Registry

Seabourn Legend 208 p Bahamas Registry

Seabourn Pride 208 p Bahamas Registry

6100 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33126
US Tel: 1-800-929-9391
Fax: 1-305-463-3070

UK Contact :

UK Tel: 0845-070-0500
0800-052-3841 (For Europe, Middle East, Africa)
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Carnival Cruise Lines has been operating for more than a quarter of a century and was instrumental in the changes that have incurred in the cruise industry. The company was founded in 1972 by Ted Arison, a Florida-based businessman who wanted to make a vacation experience available for the average person. Together with a Boston travel agency, they bought the TSS Mardi Gras (the former Empress of Canada) and launched her when on her maiden voyage, she promptly ran aground. Eventually Arison took over the debt-ridden company, assumed its multimillion debt, bought The Empress of Britain for a pittance (renamed her the TSS Carnivale), and created the “fun ship’’ logo-moves, which boosted sales and turned a profit in Arison’s first year as sole owner.

Over the next two decades, the company added more ships and introduced trend-setting superliners-Celebration, Holiday and Jubilee. In 1990, the first of the six new Fantasy class vessels, the 70,367-ton Fantasy, made her debut By 1996, with six Fantasy-Class ships added to the fleet, the company introduced the first Destiny Class passenger vessel to exceed 100,00 tons, the Carnival Destiny, which at the time became the world’s largest cruise ship. By 2002, the company had added two more Fantasy-Class vessels and two more Destiny-Class ships.

In 2001, the first of the new Spirit Class vessels, the Carnival Spirit made her debut. By spring 2004, three more Spirit-Class vessels were launched.

In 2002, Carnival introduced the Conquest Class with its largest ship to date, Carnival Conquest, at 110,000 gross and passenger capacity at 2,974. A year later Carnival Glory made its debut. By spring of 2005, two more Conquest-class ships will have been added: Carnival Valor and Cardinal Liberty. Both the Spirit and Conquest class of ship are not able to transport the Panama Canal.

Along the way, cruise lines were added and Ted Arison’s son Micky Arison came on board working his way up to president of Carnival in 1979. In 1990 he was appointed chairman of the line. When the parent company, Carnival Corporation, was formed in 1994, Arison assumed the chairmanship.) Micky Arison engineered the acquisition in 1989 of Holland American Line and Windstar Cruises, and partial ownership in Seabourn Cruise Line in 1992; four years later Carnival owned 50 percent of the company.

In 1997, Carnival bought part ownership in Airtours, a European tour company, and together the companies bought Costa Cruises. The following year Carnival acquired a majority interest in Cunard from the line’s parent company Kvaerner ASA and purchased the remaining shares in fall 1998. In 2000, Carnival bought out Airtours’ shares of Costa and took 100 percent ownership of the Italian line. On April 17, 2003, agreements were finalized to combine Carnival Corporation with P & O Princess Cruises plc, creating a dually merged company.

Carnival Corporation & plc is the largest cruise - vacation group in the world, with a portfolio of 12 cruise brands in North America, Europe and Australia, comprised of Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Windstar Cruises, AIDA, Costa Cruises, Cunard Line, Ocean Village, P&O Cruises, Swan Hellenic, and P&O Cruises Australia. Carnival Corporation & plc also operates the leading tour companies in Alaskan and the Canadian Yukon, Holland America Tours and Princess Tours.

Holiday Class (three ships):

Holiday 1,452 p Bahamas Registry
Jubilee, 1,486 p Bahamas Registry
Celebration 1,486 p Panama Registry

Fantasy Class (eight ships):

Fantasy 2,056 p Panama Registry
Ecstasy, 2,052 p Panama Registry
Sensation 2,052 p Bahamas Registry
Fascination 2,052 p Bahamas Registry
Imagination 2,052 p Bahamas Registry
Inspiration 2,052 p Bahamas Registry
Elation 2,052 p Panama Registry
Paradise 2,052 p Panama Registry

Destiny Class (3 ships)

Carnival Destiny 2,642 p; Bahamas Registry
Carnival Triumph 2,758 p Bahamas Registry
Carnival Victory 2,758 p Panama Registry

Spirit Class (4 ships):

Carnival Spirit 2,124 p Panama Registry
Carnival Pride - 2,124 p Panama Registry
Carnival Legend 2,124 p Panama Registry
Carnival Miracle 2,974 p Panama Registry

Conquest Class:

Carnival Conquest 2,976 p Panama Registry
Carnival Glory 1,976 p Panama Registry

3655 N.W. 87 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33178
Tel: 1-305-599-2600
Fax: 1-630-954-3324
Fax: 1-305-599-8630
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Discovery World Cruises was founded in 2002 by recognized travel-industry entrepreneur Gerry Herrod to offer cruise vacations to exotic destinations at affordable prices. It operates on charter to Voyages of Discovery in the UK for the summer and in the winter under Discovery World Cruises in the US for cruises to Antarctica/Chilean Fjords and New Zealand.

In 2004, All Leisure Group, the parent company of UK-based Voyages of Discovery, signed an agreement with Herrod to purchase the MV Discovery and the tour operations of Discovery Cruises UK and Discovery World Cruises USA, effective May 16, 2005. The company will also begin year-round operation of its flagship MV Discovery, beginning spring 2005. Consequently, under its new ownership, Discovery’s schedule of cruise-tours to South America, Antarctica, New Zealand and the South Pacific will now be complemented by exciting new itineraries to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Greenland, Russia and Canada’s Eastern Seaboard.

MV Discovery 650 p Bahamas Registry

1800 SE 10th Avenue 1800 Suite 205
Ft Lauderdale, Florida 3331
Tel: 1-866-623-2689 (US)
Fax: +1 954 761 7768
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Enjoy luxury Windermere lake cruises and Lake District boat charter on Mistress, a luxury Sealine T50 Flybridge, based at Windermere Marina Village, UK.
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