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Star Cruises

Title: Star Cruises
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Listing added: Mar 1, 2009
Star Cruises, the major cruise line in Asia-Pacific was incorporated in September 1993, representing a bold initiative to tap Asia-Pacific's potential as an international cruise destination. Following the acquisition of NCL Holdings (NCL Holdings includes NCL, NCL America, and Orient Lines.) in early 2000, Star Cruises is now the third largest cruise line in the world presently operating a combined fleet of 18 ships with over 23,000 lower berths. Star Cruises operates cruises on eight ships in the Asia-Pacific region with Singapore, Port Klang (Malaysia), Hong Kong and Keelung as ports of embarkation.

SuperStar Aries 678 p Bahamas Registry

Star Pisces 2000 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Leo 1,960 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Gemini 788 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Virgo 1,960 p Panama Registry

SuperStar Aries 678 p Bahamas Registry

SuperStar Capricorn 870 p Panama Registry

Norwegian Star I 870 p Bahamas Registry

MegaStar Taurus 64 p Panama Registry

MegaStar Aries 72 p Panama Registry

Wasa Queen 866 p Panama Registry (Wasa Queen is a cruise ferry operating in Singapore and international waters.)


1 Shenton Way 01-02
Singapore 068803
Tel: 65-226-1168
Fax: 65-220-6993

US Office address:

Norwegian Cruise Line
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Florida 33126
Tel: 1-800-327-7030
Tel: (1) 305 436 4694
Fax: (1) 305 436 4112


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