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Title: Costa Cruise Lines
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Costa’s parent company, Genoa-based Costa Crociere S.p.A., has been involved in the passenger side of shipping for nearly fifty years. The Costa brand first appeared on the Italian market in 1854 when Giacomo Costa founded a company trading in fabrics and olive oil between Genoa and Sardinia. By 1916,the company was now under the direction of Giacomo’s three sons. They expanded the business and purchased their first ship, Ravenna in 1924, and soon after, the Langano. In the 1930s, Costa, now a major producer of olive oil in Italy, began the tradition of naming their ships after the names of family member. By 1942, Costa’s fleet was made up of nine vessels. After World War II, only the Langano survived.

The family then turned to building and purchasing ships for coastal navigation and started passenger services in 1947 with the sailing of the motor ship Anna C, the first of the Costa fleet to offer air conditioning. The company changed its name to Linea C, which it kept for over three decades on transatlantic links with Latin America. Business services were inaugurated in 1948 to North America and in 1953, the company opened new routes to Venezuela and the Antilles.

In the ensuing years, the company added ships, leased some and owned others, as it streamlined its operations. In the 1980s the Costa group decided to concentrate on the passenger and cruise sector. In 1986, Costa Crociere S.p.A. was created and the idea of a ship as a floating hotel was established. In 1989 the company invited outside investors to increase its financial strength which led to tremendous growth for the company in the 1990s. In June 1997, Costa was purchased by Carnival Corporation and Airtours plc, its European partner at the time. The deal increased the investment capacity of the Genoese company but left its Italian identity untouched. In September 2000, Carnival Corporation purchased all of Airtours’ shares and became the sole shareholder of Costa Crociere.

Costa Atlantica 2,114 p Italy Registry

Costa Romantica 1,356 p Italy Registry

Costa Victoria 1,928 p Italy Registry

Costa Classica 1,308 p Italy Registry

Costa Allegra 820 p Italy Registry

Costa Tropicale 1,022 p Italy Registry

Costa Europa 1,494 p Italy Registry

Costa Marina 772 p Italy Registry

Costa Magica 2,720 p Italy Registry

Costa Mediterranea 2,114 p Italy Registry

Costa Fortuna 2.720 p Italy Registry


200 South Park Road
Suite 200
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Tel: 1-954-266-5600
Fax: 1-954-266-2100

Italy Contact address:

Costa Crociere S.p.A
Via XII Ottobre 2
16121 Genoa, Italy
Tel: 39-10-5483-396
Fax: 39-10-5483-267


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